Things To Know About Our 1700's Cottage 

Dating back to 1752 gives our fabulous (you can tell i love it ) traditional Cornish cottage some nice features but with this comes some points that need mentioning even though they are not life threatening or even life changing. 


You can't park at the cottage and will have to park initially opposite the b&b and pay 50p  (full instructions and directions will be sent to you by us)

There is a slope to get the property and has been surprisingly likened to Mount Kilimanjaro by someone , however to put this into perspective Andy walked up it 7 days after having a double hip replacement (it's a slope)

 "6ft.1" is as tall as you can be without bending on entry to the b&b and also in the "Little Spriggans Hideout" shower (there's a beam) but the "Pisky's Nooks won't be a problem there is also no height restriction in the "Garden Room"

You do not get breakfast in the " Garden Room " and is not a additional add on.

The yacht style staircase is blooming quirky steep and narrow on you way to the bedrooms in the cottage...You will have to bend and mind your head while taking your luggage up which feels a bit like the crypton factor (if you remember?) and is a challenge on your first few go's... but not life changing...We do this on a daily basis and are still here as living proof and are on hand to help with you luggage.

Remember your rooms are small...There is limited but adequate hanging space, shelf and draw space also space under your bed for cases when opened (how kind are we) ...Separate storage of your cases can be very happily arranged.

As a guest here you get everything you would expect from a b&b plus something a little different, leaving you feeling that you have not just had a stay but an experience...However with this in mind leave you expectations at home... just enjoy the ride...Thank you!

Don't Forget Your Brekie

Arguably the highlight of our guests stay is our  unique A' la Carte candlelit breakfast cooked to order and served from only the most scrumilicious fresh produce.

  Coeliac, vegan, vegetarian & lactose free brekies are very happily catered for on request before arrival. 

 Served in a most ambient setting in the low beamed ceiling breakfast room.

Some guests say they were worried about the shared table of themselves and two other guests however found it the highlight of their stay with happy conversation and tips to share even friendships have been made.

 A hoary oak table and timeless chairs are a fitting host for the 1920/30's breakfast setting of original china, champagne glassware, silverware and proper job napkins.

A really unique and stylish start to your day

Breakfast In Style
Breakfast In Style

White Carnations & Lit Candles At The Br
White Carnations & Lit Candles At The Br

Breakfast In Style
Breakfast In Style

Breakfast In Style
Breakfast In Style

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