It's Only a Small Rant

Well here goes he he...
As much as we are delighted with our kind reviews from guests and as much as we clearly promote that we are a small b&b with small quaint rooms and bijou en-suites we sometimes find that people will comment on this as a negative... Even though they booked knowing this from our clear and very honest descrption, seems a little unfair...
So we kindly ask you to please be sure that you will be happy booking with us as many past and returning guests are...Thanks
Here are other guest quotes...Please please please feel free to get in touch with your questions...

Guest: "The seagulls are loud"

Us:"Welcome to Cornwall, they do it all year round, not just when your here"

Guest:"The hill up to the b&b is difficult"

Us: "Do you mean the slope madam?...Thank goodness you didn't book on one of the higher levels of the village or you would have needed walking boots"

Guest: "Why is my room so much warmer than last year?"

Us:"It might have something to do with  the fact we are having the hottest summer since 1977"

Guest: "Is Cornwall always like this in a heatwave?"

Us: " We have know idea"

(lol you know who you are xx)